Welcome to the Tøndering Homepage


We are Trine and Claus Tøndering, we live in Lyngby, 15 kilometres north of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Claus (born 1953) has an M.Sc. degree in computer science. He is the owner and only employee of Ezer IT Consulting (link is in Danish). Claus has written a couple of books: “Helvede – og en kærlig Gud”/“Hell and a Loving God” about how to reconcile the belief in a loving God with Jesus’ clear words about hell; and “Julius og Gregor”, a Danish book about the history of calendars.


Claus maintains this website. You can find more infomation by using the menus on this page.

Trine (born 1957) works as a free-lance translator of English books into Danish. Her main clients are Tellerup publishers (link is in Danish) and the Christian Scandinavia Publishing House. In our local church, she is a Sunday school teacher and is in charge of other children’s activities.

We have four adult daughters, Maria, Nina, Rebekka, and Michala. They are all married and we have seven marvellous grandchildren.

We are Lutheran Christians and active in a local church, Haraldskirken (link is in Danish). We are also members of the board of a small missionary organisation “AIDS Care” which tries to help children victimised by AIDS in northern Thailand.

We can be reached by email by adding “” to our first name.